Life is really short and one should embrace opportunities to do what you love to do. We LOVE to make cider, you LOVE to drink it... A match made in heaven <3


       Who We Are


Founder and cidermaker

  • Passionate and technical.

  • Trained as an Engineer which means he cannot spell.

  • Swiss Canadian whose family made wine out of anything available.

  • Followed this tradition and made all sorts of liquid beverages in University, embarking on a path of passion and risk.  Some university concoctions he admits were not so good.

  • Took to the science and chemistry of wine and read really thick books.  

  • Constantly interested in being a sustainable cider producer, he studied with a Master Cider Maker Peter Mitchel in Oregon in 2013 and in 2014.  

Quinn -

Cider Maker and Cellar Rat

  • Passionate and artistic.

  • Studying culinary arts has helped him develop a wicked palette; tasting things that many of us cannot identify.

  • Interested in fermentation and the results it has on developing the different flavors in the ciders.

  • Loves to experiment with flavours and techniques.

  • Has a dream

  • Hates cleaning the tanks.

Hand Crafted Ciders

15 Varieties of dry cider brewed locally with local ingredients. Ravens Moon Craft Cider will take you by surprise with its unique and bold flavors.

Artisan Wines

Hand crafted artisan fruit wines made from 100% British Colombian fruit and tinkered to perfection.

Distilling Natural Flavours

As we play with flavors we can't help to dream what comes next. The Distillery is coming soon...

Made With 100% Local love and ingredients

We want to give you the best we can, that's why we only use the best. Everything we make is crafted with 100% British Columbian love and fruit.

The Adventure

The adventure began in 2004 when George slipped a real estate ad for an organic blueberry farm in the Comox Valley onto my desk. “Are you *&^% nuts?” I said as I crumbled it up and tossed it into the recycle bin. We had just moved from the high Arctic to a little farm on Salt Spring Island in 2000 where we had an apple orchard, sheep, chickens and Llamas.  I had a "little" garden in mind, certainly not 3,500 blueberry plants and a greenhouse operation!  After playing with the idea for about a week in my head, I suggested to George that we should go look at it.  His response was "Are YOU nuts"?  

 Because he had only shown it to me as something interesting, not because he wanted to move. As most men do for their partner, he humored me and we drove to look at the farm. 

In the center of a courtyard of grass, there sits the most magnificent big leaf maple and it certainly must be a magical tree because it imprinted itself in my mind.  For weeks I thought about this tree and saw it in my dreams. And as clichés go, the rest is history.  And yes it is true, I did think it would be a semi-retirement project. (I think I read the wrong manual on retirement.)  It is far from that!  It is a constant world of learning, experimenting, being fearless and at the end of the day, being tired to the core but falling into bed with a huge smile on your face.

It has been a massive learning curve and sixteen years of learning plant science and learning patience. We continue to create and evolve and now we have a very creative line of craft ciders called Raven's Moon Craft Cider and we have never looked back. Certainly a rewarding experience and meeting the most incredible people along the path.  We look forward to meet you in our Raven.s Room someday! 


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